About us:

We are nonprofit organization dedicated to provide an opportunity for Japanese learners at all levels all over the world to present their creativity and artistic talent with their knowledge that they learned in their classroom. Our goal is to bring appreciation to all races and cultures through this project.


Shisui Torii is a sophomore at Bethesda Chevy Chase (BCC) High School. Shisui has a Japanese origin. Under stay home order amid COVID-19, he found that a lot of activities and competitions such as the language bowl for students have been cancelled. In order to provide an online opportunity to students at all levels of Japanese learners all over the world, he started this online project. He hopes this project promotes respect of each culture. Shisui currently plays for junior varsity team of BCC ice hockey. He is also an avid french horn player playing for BCC symphonic orchestra, MCYO, all montgomery county, all maryland honors bands. In spare time, he enjoys reading sci-fi books, composition of electronic music and computer.

shisui torii


Bunjiro Yamada is a sophomore at Harrison High school. Bunjiro has a Japanese origin. He has lived in New York for 9 years and in Japan for 5 years. He is very athletic and enjoys playing soccer, cross country and runs track.

bunjiro yamada

Communication Officer

Kota Murakami (display name) is a first year student at High school in Sapporo, Japan. He oversees Kanji-related social post for organization. Kota loves reading and gardening.